Every year the summer turns into fall and fall turns into winter. Some of us admittedly start to change the wardrobe into a more winter ready one. Others, choose to postpone this type of event to the last minute when it’s already cold. The thick layered cloths are no longer an option then, they are a must! Despite the new winter trends that come and go each year, there are still a few must haves that never will be old and are easy to combine with the latest trends of 2019. Make sure you have some of these essentials in your closet to make you annual clothing crisis less important.


This is one of the most important winter essentials and are never out of fashion. They are easy to wear and very practical for a men’s wardrobe. To make sure that your jumper never gets old, it is wise to choose one jumpers in simple colors. Colors like black, beige, taupe and grey are easier to work with and are practical over and over again. The winter trends of 2019 are more colorful, so you can also choose for a more bright jumper instead. If you’re dressing up a colored jumper, the temptation can exist to tone this out with a pair of black pants. However for some colors this can create to much contrast and you’re better pairing of with some softer color, like grey of navy. The most important tip here, is to choose jumpers that are non-printed. A printed jumper can be nice to wear, but is also very difficult to combine. When you don’t have that much time in the morning it is easier to have a simple jumper that looks good with anything.

Winter coat of quality

Another very important essential is the winter coat. You can switch from coats every year, but it is a must to have at least one good quality coat that is timeless. You can wear this coat on the extreme cold winter days with much rainfall, snow or wind. The fact that these quality coats are not cheap, makes it very essential to buy one that is timeless. The simple, neutral colors are therefore also applied here. One of warm winter jackets are the parka coats. These coats are incredibly practical and come in different styles. Speaking of practical coats, another must have is the rain coat. It will help you survive the wet and rainy days.

Warming accessories

Just like other seasonal clothing, the accessories can make or break you outfit and should therefore not be overlooked. However, in contrast to other seasonal accessories that just need to be good looking,  these ones need to be warm and practical. These are the ones you need to have:

  • Gloves
  • Hat
  • Scarf
  • Sunglasses

The last one is a bit strange maybe, but even in the winter the sun can be very bright and low on the surface. Especially when you’re driving, this can be dangerous. Therefore, sunglasses are also a must have for the bright days. In addition, the simple neutral colors are also applicable here.

This is just a small overview of some basic clothing, but can make your life a lot easier.

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